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Obituary for Virginia Kathryn Estes (Amon)


Virginia Kathryn Estes was born in Oahu Hawaii to Captain Lawrence and Janet (Graf) Amon on May 1,1964 in the Tripler Medical Army Hospital As baby born in Hawaii her first word was “Flower”, which is why the flowers at her funeral service are tropical.

Kate passed away in Mapleton, Utah on July 13, 2020 in her home with her family surrounding her. Survived by her husband Benjamin Estes and their four children Virginia Alyssa, Sarah Elizabeth, Benjamin Steele, and Austin Grayson.

Survived by her parents Janet White Graf and Lawrence Roy Amon and her sister Suzanne White Amon and her four children Samantha E. White, Patricia Ann, Robert Weber, Kiersten Marie, her four cousins and their families Ray Otto, Dan Otto. Krista Folta, Bart Folta.

She attended school at St Pete Catholic High School in St Pete Florida. She was considered a good student and enjoyed the swim team, cheer squad, sailing, and dancing. She attended St Pete Junior College for two years and transferred to Logan Chiropractic College in Saint Louis where she acquired her doctorate in chiropractics. She accepted a position in Mesa, Arizona.

It was soon after college that Kate met Ben Estes who she marries, moves to Utah, and they had four children Virginia Alyssa, Sarah Elizabeth, Benjamin Steele, and Austin Grayson. Kate was a devoted mother and wife.

She loved visiting Florida yearly to reconnect and enjoy her beloved family, friends and favorite beaches. She and Ben would also attend Continuing Education during the Florida trips. Kate and her family lived in Mapleton for the past 24 years.

They are active members in the Latter Day Saints Church of Jesus Christ. Kate became known for being a gourmet cook which was one of her favorite pastimes. She even made a cookbook of her favorites for her family and relatives. She also was known in her neighborhood for her visitation and acts of service. She made meals for families that were not able to attend church, bring baskets of goodies for various occasion, and was sensitive to the needs of others. She was known for kind words of encouragement and beautiful heartfelt prayers.

Here are some kind words from some of Kates neighbors:

Misty Wright: Kate was always listening to the emotional needs of others. She reached out often to those she thought might need support and validation for their hurting. She was also generous and effusive in her compliments that she gave to others often. Kate always had a smile for me at church.

Candice Holyoak: Kate seemed to live in a different realm. To her, loving others and showing compassion was the most important thing, and her life’s sole goal, it seemed. I didn’t know Kate as well as some people did, but she was always able to pierce through any front I was putting up and touch me right to the heart. Occasionally she’d come up and talk to me at church and it would get very personal very fast, and she could sense I was hurting, and she just wanted to share her love and God’s love with me. She would occasionally send me a link to a beautiful song that touched her or that she thought I needed to hear, or just send a text that included an emoji of a flower bouquet. She had a gift of empathy and kindness, and an ability to look you in the eyes with strength, love, and conviction. I am in awe of her example, embodiment and expression of love, forgiveness, and compassion. It was like a never ending waterfall flowing from her.

I’ll miss you, Kate!

Laurie Whiting: Kate had a gift. She was able to stop the world. What I mean by that is this: She had a handle on the few, simple, love-filled things that really matter. She could take a messy, hectic, stress-filled day, and pull out of it a single moment in time that felt contrastingly "real" and peaceful. There were many times when Kate pulled me, very reluctantly, from the world. I say reluctantly not because I didn't want to find those peaceful moments that Kate always seemed to discover, but because I thought my peace would come at the end of my busy project, not along the way. Kate showed me it could be both. One time was on my birthday. A couple of days before, she asked to take me to lunch. I said, yes. On my birthday she picked me up. She was dressed for something special, and I was dressed comfortably. She didn't make me feel out of place though, it was just Kate's way of being aligned with all that is refined and extraordinary. I thought she would ask me where I wanted to go to lunch, but instead she said she had a surprise for me. I have to admit I was not pleased when she started driving away from our little community, leaving me to wonder just how long this was going to take. An hour later, we were at Sundance. Kate loved nature, particularly the ocean, but all of nature. We walked and talked. She pointed out all the things she loved at this place that is so special to her. I literally remember the moment, we were standing on a small bridge, when I let go of all the things that had been occupying my mind, and just felt the moment. She had stopped "the world" and awakened me to what was "real" and hidden there amidst it, was peace. I looked around and saw it all through Kate's eyes. It was beautiful, and I had been standing in the midst of it all, and yet my whole soul had not been there. Kate gave me much more than lunch on that memorable birthday. The memory of that moment, keeps me looking for that spiritual place that Kate so often took me to visit.

Dana Rowland: I remember in church Austin bore his testimony and I’m not sure all of what he said, but I remember him talking about trials and hard things in life and how the Savior can help us get through them. I remember thinking he must be going through something hard right now. Then in Relief Society Kate shared that after Austin had shared his testimony she turned to him and asked if he was going through something really hard right now that she should know about and he said, “Mom I said those things for you.” ❤️

What a tender moment for Kate to have her son wanting to give her words of comfort through the Savior. I thought of Kate and the testimony building experiences in her life she shared with us in Relief Society and her love for the Savior and teaching that to her kids, and Austin’s testimony was an example of that.

Dayna Powell: Kate had the most beautiful, loving soul. She was such a kind friend to me. She would always search me out and give me the biggest hug and always give me words of encouragement. She had the most beautiful testimony. I loved to hear hear comments in relief society. She had so much faith and love for the gospel. I had some very beautiful conversations with her about life. I miss her dearly and will always cherish our friendship.

Roxane Whyte: Kate had a gentle heart and a loving spirit. She was constantly looking for ways to serve and uplift those around her. She showed up at my door several times with things she had cooked or gathered to brighten my day. She loved having heart-to-heart connections with people and sought to build caring relationships. She deeply loved her family and had immense faith.

Aubree Barborka: Before becoming friends with Kate, I was at the elementary school. On my way to leave through the front foyer, I saw Kate sitting on the benches with one of her boys. She was embracing him with one arm as she sat next to him (the same way she would later embrace and comfort me and the same way I have since seen her doing for many others.) she was reading him the book You Are Special by Max Lucado. As I walked to my car, thoughts continued to roll through my head about what scenario possibly brought her to that moment that day. It’s not hard for many of us to imagine our children having a difficult time with their peers and feeling down. I remember thinking what a good mom she was to take time out of the middle of her day, pull her child out of class to have some one on one time to remind him that he is important and loved and would always have his mama with him when he was going through a hard time. One of her special gifts to share here on this earth was her empathy for others and a desire to show others love. She wanted people to remember that they weren’t alone and that they were special and important. I hope in the coming weeks and years, each of her children are able to look back on moments like the one that I witnessed (I’m sure there are many for each of them) and remember that she loves them fiercely, they are special and important to this world and even when they they feel alone and down on themselves, she will always be near with her arm around them. She will be there to comfort, lead and guide them during difficult times and support and cheer them on during their times of success as they grow up. She may feel far away, but the other side of the veil is so much closer than we sometimes realize. It makes me smile to consider the important work that our Heavenly Father called her home to do.

Amy Eastmond: Kate had the biggest heart I know. She loved deeply and wanted to love everyone she could! She loved deep meaningful friendships and wanted so much to create these friendships with everyone she knew. She loved the Savior and always wanted to share her testimony with everyone, so they could feel His love. She will be greatly missed and was loved by many!

Ana Turley: Going to the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point for her birthday, pretty picnics with pretty plates—presentation and healthy well prepared food was important to her! She loved the statues of Jesus Christ. She was al ways sharing uplifting songs that she would text to me along with pictures of hearts and hugs. Oh she was loving! We had long conversations on porch swings about our families in about life and about her memories on Florida beaches. She planned a really fun girls getaway to Park city with a tea party and beautiful music. The importance was in the details to Kate! She had candles and music and just the right scents and massages and a four course of entrées on beautiful dishes. I took her to women’s conference at BYU for the first time and she was floored at how huge the Marriott Center was! She had never been inside before and I told her we would do it for many years to come. I am sad about that but will think of her every year at women’s conference! Last fall she made some amazing homemade curry and brought up a table and tablecloth and chairs and we went up to Sundance pulled off to the side of the road and sat and looked at the beautiful changing leaves while we enjoyed our curry together in stoneware bowls. Kate saw the beauty in life!

Her services will be held at Nelson Mortuary in Provo Utah this Thursday July 16, 2020 at 5:00 pm with a 6:30 service at the Mapleton Cemetery where she will be laid to rest.